Look Forward to RS The Drop Competition with Free RSorder RSgold
Apr 13

Look Forward to RS The Drop Competition with Free RSorder...


  • An in-game quiz competition, RS The Drop, will come back with a special edition. If you have interests, read the information below for its rules and other information.

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    Special Edition of RS The Drop coming soon

    Recently the develop team has revealed some highlights of activities and content in the future. Revealed in the recent official news post, there will be a special edition of The Drop with a charity twist. More information on RS The Drop in-game quiz competition will be revealed later.

    What is RS The Drop event?

    The Drop is a livestreamed event via Twitch, where players could win prizes for being the last person standing, or after 50 questions have been answered correctly. The Drop event was first livestreamed on January 18th 2015, where two separate games were played on five worlds. The first game had a reward of either Gold Premier Club membership or a Bond if the winner already had subscribed to the Premier Club.

    Players get into the game via talking to a JMod clone, appearing for 30s. Players who had answered the questions incorrectly would be dropped out of the game and placed in the spectator's area, where they could leave the game or continue watching until a winner was decided. Winners could leave via the exit sphere that appeared at the end.

    Look forward to the special edition of RS The Drop coming in the future!

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    Apr 13 2020 at 03:00 AM - Apr 13 2020 at 03:15 PM
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