Complete RS Archaeology Research for Archaeology XP with $18 Off RSorder RS 3 Gold
Apr 13

Complete RS Archaeology Research for Archaeology XP with...


  • Want to train Archaeology more quickly? Just complete RS Archaeology research activity to gain much Archaeology XP, artefacts and other materials. Here is a guide of research activity in Kharid-et dig site offered to you.   

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    What is RS Archaeology research?

    Research is an activity in RS Archaeology, which allows you to send off researchers for Archaeology XP, damaged artefacts and other materials. Each dig site has their own research activities that can be completed at certain levels of Archaeology skill.

    RS Archaeology research with rewards in Kharid-et

    1. Cell, a Door (Level 12)

    Start: Study one of the cell doors in the Prison Block.

    Rewards: 2,033 Archaeology XP; 1 Legatus pendant

    2. Lockdown (Level 58)

    Start: Study the central vault found during the first step of The Vault of Shadows mystery.  

    Rewards: 3,111 Archaeology XP; 1 Pontifex signet ring

    3. Proving Grounds (Level 17)

    Start: Study the doorway of the north-west building in the Barracks  

    Rewards: 1,333 Archaeology XP; 1 Zarosian training dummy

    4. Where There's Smoke (Level 100)

    Start: Study the fireplace in the Kitchen  

    Rewards: 26,666 Archaeology XP; 1 'Smoke Cloud' spell scroll

    5. Demon Door (Level 12)

    Start: Study the Outer Wall Debris just south-east of the entrance, next to the Imperial steel cache.  

    Rewards: 1,333 Archaeology XP; 1 Legionary gladius; 10x Pylon battery

    6. Requiescat in Pace (Level 86)

    Start: Study the stained glass window after passing the Pontifex barrier  

    Rewards: 13,333 Archaeology XP; 1 Necromantic focus

    7. Shadow Play (Level 107)

    Start: While the pylon is 100% charged at the Kharid-et dig site, interact with the Praetorium War Table to enter a separate chamber. Once there, Study the War Table. The ring of visibility must be worn to interact with the table.  

    Rewards: 38,571 Archaeology XP; 1 Animate Dead spell scroll

    Come to finish RS Archaeology research in Kharid-et dig site to obtain more Archaeology XP.

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