Guide for RS Archaeology Research in Infernal Source with $18 Off RSorder RS3 Gold
Apr 14

Guide for RS Archaeology Research in Infernal Source with...


  • Following the Archaeology research in Kharid-et, today we want to share RS Archaeology research activity in Infernal Source and Everlight dig sites. Get ready to gain Archaeology XP and damaged artefacts.  

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    RS Archaeology research activity in Infernal Source

    1. Abandon All Hope (Level 40)

    Start: Study the large door you spawn by

    Rewards: 1,333 Archaeology XP; Imp mask

    2. The Dark Underbelly (Level 36)

    Start: Study the sacrificial altar  

    Rewards: 1,333 Archaeology XP; Ritual dagger

    3. Starry Eyed (Level 40)

    Start: Study the Star Lodge sign in the northwest corner of the Star Lodge cellar  

    Rewards: 1,333 Archaeology XP; Opulent wine goblet

    4. Deeper and Down (Level 68)

    Start: Study the Hellhound marker on the southwest side near the byzroth remains in the first level of Infernal Source

    Rewards: 6,000 Archaeology XP; Spiked dog collar

    5. Who Dis? (Level 68)

    Start: Study the Dagon portal from Dagon Overlook to Hydra Portal  

    Rewards: 6,000 Archaeology XP; Chaos star

    7. Hell Mouths (Level 98)

    Start: Study the Hydra gate at the bottom of the Infernal Source  

    Rewards: 23,809 Archaeology XP; Hellfire katar

    RS Archaeology research activity in Everlight

    1. Lions and Unicorns and Centaurs, Oh My! (Level 42)

    Start: Study the Mound of Earth northeast of the Scaffolding

    Rewards: 1,533 Archaeology XP; Hallowed lantern

    2. Ode to a Midsummer Morning (Level 51)

    Start: Study the Stage in the amphitheater  

    Rewards: 2,433 Archaeology XP; Everlight harp

    3. Stadio Ga Ga (Level 69)

    Start: Study the fallen pillar at the entrance to the Dominion stadium  

    Rewards: 6,333 Archaeology XP; Dominion torch

    4. Home, Sweet Home (Level 72)

    Start: Study the Partial Stature of a woman in west of the Statue of Hebe and east of the Oikos Studio Debris  

    Rewards: 7,333 Archaeology XP; Kantharos cup

    5. Like Clockwork (Level 84)

    Start: Study the Lighthouse mechanism in the underwater cave beneath Everlight.  

    Rewads: 12,222 Archaeology XP; Dominarian device

    6. Ground of the Polis (Level 92)

    Start: Study the Stone Tablet on the north platform of the Acropolis  

    Rewards: 16,666 Archaeology XP; Rod of Asclepius

    7. Battle of Optimatoi (Level 105)

    Start: Study the Icyene skeletons in the underwater cave beneath Everlight  

    Rewards: 35,000 Archaeology XP; Hallowed Be the Everlight painting

    In a word, more Archaeology XP can be obtained from Archaeology research.

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