Learn RS Shattered Worlds New Objectives & More with $18 Off RSorder RSgold
Apr 15

Learn RS Shattered Worlds New Objectives & More with $18...


  • Some new contents have been added to RS Shattered Worlds with the update this week. Read the information below to learn new objectives, rewards and more.

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    New objectives added to RS Shattered Worlds

    With the update on April 14th, three new objectives have been added to RS Shattered Worlds:

    -Deal X Damage: Deal a certain amount of damage in a single world to proceed.

    -Repair the Portal: Enemies have a chance to drop a portal repair kit. Find three pieces and repair the portal.

    -Summon and Kill the Boss: Kill enough enemies to summon a boss, and then defeat it to proceed.

    Every fifth world will be a boss world. Bosses include God Wars Dungeon 1 Generals (not including Nex), Chaos Elemental, Dagannoth Kings and Barrows Brothers.

    New rewards added to RS Shattered Worlds

    With the update this week, you are able to purchase RS Spirits of Battle from the Slayer Mask tab in the Shattered Worlds Reward Shop, which will cost 100 million anima. The various Slayer masks available have been reorganised into a single tab and ordered by Slayer level requirement. Greater demons and dagannoths do not have Slayer requirements, but they have been placed in an appropriate slot on the list.

    In addition, there have been 3 new titles added to the Shattered Worlds Reward store: The Abyssal Knight, Animaniac and Abyss Diver. Each title costs 150 million anima. Teleport scrolls have also been added to the Reward Shop. These scrolls can teleport you directly to Shattered Worlds, which cost 250,000 anima.

    What do you think about these new contents of RS Shattered Worlds?

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