Obtain New RS Twitch Prime Loot to Celebrate Archaeology Launch with $18 Off RSorder RS Gold for Sale
Apr 16

Obtain New RS Twitch Prime Loot to Celebrate Archaeology...


  • RS Twitch Prime has come back in April in order to celebrate the release of Archaeology. Until May. 12, every Twitch Prime member can have a chance to claim a new free Twitch Prime loot, Archaeology-themed Ancient Legionary Set.  

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    RS Twitch Prime loot available through May 12

    Between now to May. 12, players who are Twitch Prime members have a chance to get a new Twitch Prime loot named Archaeology-themed Ancient Legionary Set for free.

    This Ancient Legionary Set with the signature colours of Twitch is made of Third Age iron and Imperial steel, which is generated under the inspiration by the footsoldiers of the Zarosian Empire currently located in Kharid-et. It includes several pieces, such as Armour, Helmet, Chestplate, Greaves, Boots, Cape, Gauntlets, Sword and Shield. Here is a picture of this new RS Twitch Prime loot.

    How to get RS Twitch Prime loot?

    You can follow the methods below to claim this new Archaeology-themed Ancient Legionary Set:

    1. Ensure you have a Twitch account with Prime membership.

    2. Make sure to link your RS account and Twitch account.

    3. Head to the Twitch Prime page.

    4. Receive your RS Twitch Prime loot.

    Besides, don't forget that there is a free subscription to a Twitch streamer each month.

    Interested in this new RS Twitch Prime loot? Just follow the steps above to obtain one within the validity date.

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