Learn 5 Forms of Tangleroot OSRS with $18 Off Rsorder Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold
Apr 17

Learn 5 Forms of Tangleroot OSRS with $18 Off Rsorder...


  • This week sees the release of some game improvements based on the previous poll. Read the information to learn changes to Tangleroot OSRS, Inquisitor’s Armour and more.

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    Tangleroot OSRS pet with 5 different forms

    With the update on April 16th, Tangleroot pet can morph into 5 different forms. The following seeds can be used to change Tangleroot’s look:

    Crystal acorn

    Dragonfruit tree seed

    Guam seed

    White lily seed

    Redwood tree seed

    You should notice that the crystal acorn OSRS and other seeds you use must be the actual seed, not a sapling. An acorn is required if you want to revert your Tangleroot to its original form.

    Other changes & improvements this week

    The following changes and improvements have also been made with the update this week:

    1. Quantity buttons are added to the Bank Deposit Box interface.

    2. When you steal seeds from a Master Farmer, the seeds will automatically go into an open Seed Box if you already have one in the Inventory.

    3. The menu for buying planks at the Sawmill has become the Make-X interface.

    4. There is the Herb Sack (250 points) in the Farmer Gricoller’s Rewards Shop at the Tithe Farm.

    5. You can now convert the Viggora’s Chainmace, Thammaron’s Sceptre and Craw’s Bow into 7500 revenant ether apiece by right clicking and select the Dismantle option.

    6. OSRS Inquisitor’s Armour from The Nightmare of Ashihama now has a set effect. Each equipped piece can boost both damage and accuracy by 0.5% when using the crush attack style. An additional 1% boost is offered with all three pieces equipped.

    What do you think about improvements to Tangleroot OSRS and others this week?

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