Gain More RS Archaeology XP in Stormguard Citadel & Warforge with 60% Off RSorder Runescape Gold
Apr 24

Gain More RS Archaeology XP in Stormguard Citadel &...


  • In order to gain more RS Archaeology XP and artefacts to train your archaeology level quickly, you can choose to complete archaeology research activities in Stormguard Citadel and Warforge dig sites. See how much XP you will obtain below.

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    RS Archaeology XP & artefacts in Stormguard Citadel

    You can finish the following archaeology research activities in Stormguard Citadel to gain archaeology XP and damaged artefacts:

    1. Ikovian Tragedy (Level 70)

    Start: Study the north or south archway of the Temple of Ikov.  

    Rewards: 6,666 Archaeology XP; Ikovian gerege

    2. Deer-ly Departed (Level 81)

    Start: Study the Memorial megalith near the Keshik Ger excavation site.  

    Rewards: 10,555 Archaeology XP; Aviansie dreamcoat

    3. Night and Day (Level 95)

    Start: Study the Keshik coat of arms on the Nightguard Tower.

    Rewards: 20,238 Archaeology XP; Stormguard gerege

    4. Back to the Drawing Board (Level 95)

    Start: Study the Theoretical blueprints on top of Howl's Floating Workshop  

    Rewards: 20,238 Archaeology XP; 50 Torn blueprint fragments (Howl's workshop); Prototype godsword

    5. The Aetherium Giant (Level 98)

    Start: Study the War golem arm in the middle of the south-western islands of Stormguard  

    Rewards: 23,809 Archaeology XP; Golem instruction

    6. Howling Man (Level 118)

    Start: Decipher the Theoretical blueprints in Howl's Floating Workshop  

    Rewards: 69,904 Archaeology XP; Chuluu stone    

    RS Archaeology XP & artefacts in Warforge

    More Archaeology XP and artefacts can also be obtained in Warforge to level archaeology fast:

    1. Melting Point (Level 83)

    Start: Study the Grille in the middle of the Crucible Arena  

    Rewards: 11,666 Archaeology XP; Thorobshuun battle standard

    2. Northside (Level 97)

    Start: Study the Big High War God shrine in the northern Warforge Tunnels  

    Rewards: 22,618 Archaeology XP; Garagorshuun anchor

    3. Dwarven Forge (Level 97)

    Start: Study the Hallmark on the western wall in the small room inside the Forge  

    Rewards: 22,618 Archaeology XP; Ourg megahitter

    4. Too Many Bones (Level 100)

    Start: Study the animal skull in the south-western corner of the Warforge Tunnels  

    Rewards: 26,666 Archaeology XP; Dorgeshuun spear

    5. Power Behind the Throne (Level 100)

    Start: Study the Bandos's throne once you descend the lift  

    Rewards: 26,666 Archaeology XP; Forged in War sculpture

    6. Big High War Chest (Level 119)

    Start: Study the Weapons cache in the area behind Bandos's throne

    Rewards: 64,285 Archaeology XP; Da Boss Man sculpture

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