Learn RS Archaeology Research with 750M Free RSorder RS 3 Gold
May 11

Learn RS Archaeology Research with 750M Free RSorder RS 3...


  • RS Archaeology research is an activity within Archaeology skill. Here is our Archaeology Research guide to help you learn some details of this activity.

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    What is RS Archaeology Research?

    The research tutorial can be unlocked by reaching the assistant qualification. To start the research tutorial, manage the research notes table in the Exam Centre at the Archaeology Campus.

    There are general research and special research. It is recommended to complete special research first if you have any, as the special research can be done only once and offer far better rewards, such as more experience for the time sent and a damaged artefact. You are able to send off researchers for experience, materials, and some other rewards, which costs RS chronotes to send off researchers. Some researchers may cost more chronotes than others.

    Hire-able RS Archaeology researchers

    Researchers can be hired and added to expeditions, offering speed and cost buffs to the expedition. Here is the list:

    1. Intern (student)

    Jimmy (Tutorial)

    Scarlet (Tutorial)

    Katarina (North Varrock Dig Site)

    Dorian (East Varrock Dig Site)

    Eduardo (West Varrock Dig Site)

    2. Assistant

    Alpheus (Anachronia)

    Eliza (Anachronia)

    3. Associate




    4. Professor

    Simon Templeton

    Anna Jones (North-east of Varrock)

    Asgarnia Smith (In the Bedabin Camp)

    Elissa Giovanni (East Varrock Dig Site)

    5. Consultant

    Dr Nabanik

    Vanescula Drakan




    Hope now you know more about RS Archaeology Research.

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