RS Back to the Freezer Quest Guide with 80% Off RS 3 Gold for RSorder Members
May 22

RS Back to the Freezer Quest Guide with 80% Off RS 3 Gold...


  • Here we share some necessary items and skills that are required for completing RS Back to the Freezer quest. Upon the completion of the member-only quest, you can obtain various prizes, like skill experience and more.

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    Requirements of RS Back to the Freezer quest

    Back to the Freezer is the fourth quest with medium to long length in the Penguin quest series, which is only available for Members to play. Before starting this quest, you need to meet the following skill requirements and item requirements:

    1. Skill requirements

    - Level 37 Slayer

    - Level 45 Runecrafting

    - Level 50 Divination

    2. Item requirements

    - Combat equipment

    - Clockwork suit that is given to you if you don't have.

    - Insulated boots

    - Ice cooler

    - 50 Flickering energy

    - 50 Bright energy

    - 50 Sparkling energy

    - 50 Gleaming energy

    Rewards for RS Back to the Freezer quest

    When you complete this quest, you can be able to get hold of various rewards, such as:

    - 1 quest point

    - 1 antique lamp (found during the quest)

    - 25,000 Divination experience

    - 25,000 Runecrafting experience

    - 15,000 Slayer experience

    - 15,000 Agility experience

    - 10,000 Invention experience

    - An additional penguin to find in Penguin Hide and Seek

    - 40 experience per level per point in Penguin Hide and Seek

    - Big Top Bonanza experience is 1.5 times as much compared to before

    - 2 Treasure Hunter keys & 2 Hearts of Ice

    Hope you can complete RS Back to the Freezer quest smoothly with the help of the shared requirements.

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