Learn RS Orthen Digsite Improvements & Fix with $18 Off RSGold on RSorder
Nov 10

Learn RS Orthen Digsite Improvements & Fix with $18 Off...


  • This week sees the release of some improvements and fix to RS Orthen digsite. Read the information below to learn what has happened in the game.

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    Improvements to RS Orthen digsite

    Some improvements have been made to RS Orthen dig site with the update on November 9th 2020. Here are the details:

    1. Timeworn Tinctures can be purchased in noted form from the Archaeology Guild Shop.

    2. The Lorehound pet can provide an increased chance to find lore pages while excavating.

    3. The timer for the Powerburst of Opportunity is extended from 9.6s to 15s, which allows you to better time its use around reaching 100% focus while excavating an Archaeology location.

    4. Mr Mordaut will not turn to face you during a certain section of dialogue.

    5. The bonfire in the south-east of Anachronia will not reference spooky-wooky vampyres anymore.

    Fix to RS Orthen dig site this week

    In addition to the improvements mentioned above, a fix has also been made to the Orthen dig site this week. After this update, the pyramids in Xolo City will not have Interact options anymore if the mystery has been progressed.

    Are you satisfied with these improvements to RS Orthen digsite?

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