Guide: How to Enter Last Two RS Orthen Dig Site Locations with $18 Off RS3 Gold on RSorder
Nov 11

Guide: How to Enter Last Two RS Orthen Dig Site Locations...


  • Difficult to enter the last two RS Orthen Dig Site locations? Never mind. We have provided a guide to help you access to Moksha Ritual Site and Xolo City easily. Read on for more details.

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    Steps to enter RS Moksha Ritual Site

    Moksha Ritual Site is the third RS Orthen Dig Site location. You can access to it with following steps:

    1. Start the "Incomplete Portal Network II" special research.

    2. Come back to the Observation Outpost dig site via the dragonkin teleportation network.

    3. Interact with the Dragonkin Pylon until it displays digits.

    4. Enter the symbols: 3, 1, 5.

    5. Enter the symbols: 4, 1, 4.

    6. Enter the symbols: 1, 6, 7.

    7. Click on the Strange device in your inventory to peer into it.

    8. Withdraw 20 unnoted Orthenglass and carry it with you.

    9. Head to Moksha Ritual Site following the map.

    10. Talk with the statue with the chat options: 1, 2, 3, 4.

    11. Enter the symbols: 5, 1, 6.

    12. Enter the symbols: 4, 1, 8.

    13. Enter the symbols: 5, 1, 4.

    14. Go down the stairs to finish the mystery.

    15. Come back to Moksha Ritual Site location via the Orthen teleportation network.

    16. Find the inactive teleportation portal in the east of the "Exit Stairs".

    17. Repair it with 20 Orthenglass at level 70 Crafting.   

    Steps to enter RS Xolo City

    Xolo City is the last RS Orthen Dig Site location. To enter this dig site, you need to:

    1. Begin the "Incomplete Portal Network III" special research.

    2. Proceed to the next steps while waiting for the special research.

    3. Come back to the Moksha Ritual Site via the dragonkin teleportation network.

    4. Talk to Moksha Device to examine it and start the Fragmented Memories mystery.

    5. Excavate a damaged Master control from the Moksha device spots on the star in the center.

    6. Excavate a damaged Lingam stone from the Moksha device spots.

    7. Excavate a damaged Singing bowl from the Aughra remains spots in the south-west.

    8. Restore all 3 artefacts.

    9. Come back to the site and use the restored Master control device on the central platform.

    10. Solve the signal strenth puzzle 3 times.

    11. Talk with Moksha Device and choose "Yes".

    12. Catch a Tranquil yellow salamander from Anachronia.

    13. Return to Ritual Site and use the central platform with the salamander in your inventory.

    14. Talk to Associate Colette on the north-east end of the room.

    15. Withdraw 20 unnoted Quintessence and carry it with you.

    16. Go to the south tip of Anachronia.

    17. Find the last inactive teleportation device in north of Laniakea and west of the bottom of the stairs.

    18. Click the door near the bonefire and east of the stairs to present the restored Lingam stone and enter Xolo City.

    Please following the guide to get to last two RS Orthen Dig Site locations.

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