RS Construction Contracts Guide with $18 Off RuneScape Gold for Sale on RSorder
Nov 12

RS Construction Contracts Guide with $18 Off RuneScape...


  • An alternative way for Construction training, RS Construction Contracts, will be released on November 16th. Here you could learn its gameplay, rewards and more details.

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    Get started in RS Construction Contracts

    Construction Contracts is an alternative way for RS Construction training, besides building furniture in a player-owned house. Level 40 Construction is required to participate in Construction Contracts. You can start a contract by talking with any estate agent in either Lumbridge, Varrock, Draynor, or Edgeville.

    You could gather your supplies, head to the right house, and fix up some citizen's furniture. The higher your Construction level, the higher the tier of planks you will be able to use.

    Level     Plank Type

    40     Regular

    50     Oak

    60     Teak

    70     Mahogany

    11 Locations for furniture building

    There are 11 locations around Gielinor at which you can built furniture:

    General store in Lumbridge

    General store in Edgeville

    Ned's house in Draynor Village

    Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge

    Wise Old Man's house in Draynor Village

    Rewards in RS Construction Contracts

    You will earn RS Contract Credits each time you complete a contract, which can be used the Construction Contracts Reward Store (Estate Agents Shop). The shop can be accessed from any of the 5 estate agents. Here are the rewards you can get from the shop:

    RS Plank box - 50 Contract Credits

    Plank box upgrade 1 - 150 Contract Credits

    Plank box upgrade 2 - 300 Contract Credits

    Master constructor's hat - 250 Contract Credits

    Master constructor's jacket - 250 Contract Credits

    Master constructor's trousers - 250 Contract Credits

    Master constructor's gloves - 250 Contract Credits

    Master constructor's boots - 250 Contract Credits

    Note: RS Master construction outfit is a new outfit with 5 pieces.

    Hope our guide can help you participate in RS Construction Contracts.

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