Enjoy Premier Artifact RS3 & More Benefits with 80% Off RuneScape 3 Gold on RSorder
Nov 23

Enjoy Premier Artifact RS3 & More Benefits with 80% Off...


  • RS Premier Club 2021 has been available this month. With the membership there are various benefits, including the Premier artifact, Premier Club vault, Premier Club token and more.

    Good News! Black Friday this year is coming with big discount on RSorder! RSorder will offer totally 6500M RuneScape gold & 1250M OSRS gold with amazing 80% off for RSorder members at 03:00 am GMT on Nov 23, 2020!

    RS Premier Club 2021 now available

    RS Premier Club is available from November 16th 2020 to March 1st 2021. During this period you can get the best value deal for game membership with instant rewards, including the exclusive Ceremonial Guard Armour and Ozzie pet.

    Get Premier Club token & other rewards

    After paying for Premier Club, members can enjoy the Premier artifact RS3, Premier Club vault, Premier Club token and other benefits. Here are all benefits for gold Premier Club members:

    12 months of Membership

    150,000 Loyalty Points

    Access to Premier Artefact

    Cosmetic Ceremonial Guard Armour

    Ozzie Pet

    Access to Premier Pass

    Extra Monthly Rewards

    Monthly Oddments Bundle

    Extra Daily Key

    Premier Club Reward Tokens

    RuneMetrics 50% Discount

    Access to the Premier Club Vault

    Access to VIP Premier Worlds

    Free Boss Instance

    Premier Bank Spaces

    In-Game Chat Badge

    Enjoy RS Premier Club 2021 if you want these benefits!

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