RS Master Constructor's Outfit Gaining Guide with 80% Off RS3 Gold on RSorder
Nov 23

RS Master Constructor's Outfit Gaining Guide with 80% Off...


  • As a Construction outfit, you can now get hold of RS master constructor's outfit from Construction Contracts with contract credits. What's more, it can also be obtained during the current Treasure Hunter promotion.

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    How to get RS master constructor's outfit?

    Master constructor's outfit is an elite skilling outfit for Construction. It consists of five pieces:

    - Master constructor's hat

    - Master constructor's jacket

    - Master constructor's trousers

    - Master constructor's gloves

    - Master constructor's boots

    As a reward of Construction Contracts, you can obtain it by purchasing master constructor's outfit pieces from Estate Agents Shop. Each piece costs 250 contract credits, and you should pay for a total of 1250 credits to gain this outfit.

    Effects of RS master constructor's outfit

    While wearing master constructor's outfit, you can be able to receive these effects:

    1. You can have an option to remove furniture automatically after building it.

    2. You can have an ability to convert logs to planks on the go.

    3. You can gain a temporary +3 boost to Construction level.

    4. The progress for Construction Contracts can be increased.

    5. You can have a chance to instantly finish repairs during Construction Contracts.

    6. You can have unlimited teleports to the player-owned house, the current construction contract, any house portals, and any estate agents.

    7. You can have 6% boost to Construction experience.

    Come to gain RS master constructor's outfit for bonuses with this guide.

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