Details of OSRS Trailblazer Changes on Fluid Strikes Relic with 80% Off Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold on RSorder
Nov 23

Details of OSRS Trailblazer Changes on Fluid Strikes Relic...


  • OSRS Trailblazer has been changed a lot this week, including the changes to Fluid Strikes Relic, some tasks and more. Below you can learn all the details of Trailblazer changes.
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    OSRS Trailblazer changes on Fluid Strikes Relic

    With the update on Nov. 18, Fluid Strikes Relic of Trailblazer League won't apply its damage reduction effect only if the attack won't kill you. Now this Trailblazer relic can correctly apply its damage reduction effect before capping it to your current HP.

    Other OSRS Trailblazer changes announced on Nov. 18

    Beyond of this, you can also be able to notice these Trailblazer changes, such as:
    1. Players can filter the Task List by "Unlocked", showing tasks in areas that you've unlocked.
    2. When fighting the Giant Mole, the Falador Shield's effect now can track every mole.
    3. Now when the total of all potions is 1,000, the task to make 1,000 unfinished potions with Zahur in one go will be available.
    4. Now the "Restore X Prayer Points" tasks can work with unique altars and the standard ones.
    5. Slightly reduce the delay after the "fade to black" while entering God Wars Dungeon instances.
    6. Fix a typo in the Leagues interface.
    7. Rename the "Multiple" area filter to "Global" in order to clarify these tasks can be completed anywhere and don't require multiple specific areas to be unlocked.
    8. Remove the "Salute in the Mess Hall" Hard clue step.
    9. The "Pray at the Elidnis Statuette" task is now completable.
    10. Now the Volatile and Eldritch Nightmare Staves can correctly apply the attack speed increase provided by Double Cast when their Special Attack is used.

    Preview OSRS Trailblazer changes on relic and other aspects.

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