Imo November is the best time for more veggies
Nov 21

Imo November is the best time for more veggies

Imo November is the best time for more veggies


Imo November is the best time for more veggies

  • Imo November is the best time for more veggies. Carrots, potatoes, berries, perhaps. Thanksgiving in America would give them good reason to Animal Crossing Items include more food items (or simply food crafting). I enjoy farming games so if they maintained this in the sport round I would likely become obsessed all over again using the game lol.

    Based on NintendoSoup, you can purchase pumpkin begins from Leif year-round or from Nook's Cranny in the month of October. It seems like they're keeping them around! I'm going to make a special place for it on my island lol

    There is no way they would add an entire new function and only allow it to be seasonal. It's entirely possible pumpkins will not be growable throughout the year, but certainly other things would be added instead.Pretty certain the information mine said they will be other farming still (tomato's possibly?) So I presume what you're able to grow will rotate throughout the year.Well we can still purchase August Fireworks/Balloons in the shop cupboard, so hopefully they sell pumpkin seeds year round just like they do with fireworks.

    This seems just like sooo much fun! Especially during a year when Halloween is going to look a whole lot different than usual. It is so nice Animal Crossing was such a continuous during the chaos and uncertainty of 2020. Agreed. But this year I can look forward to seeing some scary movies and enjoying AC on the sofa:)Sounds like a great plan- I'll probably do the same! Do not overlook some candy too:)

    Time to live my bizarre youth again where I hissed at people with this new emote! Yay!

    Ohman, I'm beginning to New Horizons Items freak out. I'm almost finished moving all my villagers to the beach so that I can completely redo my island, and I don't have any idea what I am doing. I really don't need to be stuck like this during my favorite season!Ugh I'm out of house storage! I am so excited, however I have no room for new things lmao

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