Guide: Get & Use Skeletal Visage OSRS with 7% Off RS 07 Gold on RSorder
Nov 23

Guide: Get & Use Skeletal Visage OSRS with 7% Off RS 07...


  • Skeletal visage OSRS is an item which can be used to create the dragonfire ward. Here you could learn how to obtain and use the skeletal visage.

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    How to obtain skeletal visage OSRS?

    OSRS skeletal visage can be obtained as a very rare drop from Vorkath, a draconic boss-monster located in Ungael.
    Vorkath OSRS uses a variety of attacks, primarily ranged and magical attacks, as well as melee if standing next to him. He can also use three types of dragonfire: regular, venomous, and prayer-disabling kind. The final common attack is a fireball he launches high in the air that must be dodged or it will deal substantial damage.

    How to create dragonfire ward OSRS?

    After obtaining the skeletal visage, you can use it to create the dragonfire ward. Dragonfire ward OSRS can be created by combining an anti-dragon shield with a skeletal visage; the anti-dragon shield can be purchased from Oziach, or obtained from Duke Horacio for free.
    The dragonfire ward OSRS is a ranged shield requiring a Ranged level of 70 and a Defence level of 75 to equip, as well as having started Dragon Slayer. It offers the second highest ranged attack bonus in the shield slot, only beaten by the twisted buckler.

    Hope our guide can help you know more about the skeletal visage OSRS.

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