Fast Walkthrough to RS Garden of Tranquillity with 7% Off Cheap RS Gold on RSorder
Nov 23

Fast Walkthrough to RS Garden of Tranquillity with 7% Off...


  • RS Garden of Tranquillity is a member-only quest, requiring to build a garden full with flowers and trees. From us you can learn the steps to complete this quest.  

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    Fast Walkthrough to RS Garden of Tranquillity

    To complete the intermediate Garden of Tranquillity quest, you have to reach level 25 Farming to create a garden. The seeds of flowers and trees can be obtained from farmers. Take a sneak peek at following steps to complete this quest:

    1. Talk to Queen Ellamaria in the Varrock Palace garden to start the quest.

    2. Equip the ring of charos and talk with Wise Old Man in Draynor Village.

    3. Speak to Dantaera at the Catherby allotment farming patch with the ring equipped. Follow up with all the Charm options.

    4. Head to Ice Mountain west of Edgeville. Interact with the white tree and select secaterus.

    5. Plant white tree in your filled plant pot and water it.

    6. Go to Monastery of Saradomin and find Brother Althric. Try to take a seed from rose bushes.  

    7. Charm Brother Althric near the Monastery rose bushes.

    8. Unequip the ring of charos and use it on Edgeville's well east of the lodestone.

    9. Try to take a seed from one of Brother Althric's rose bushes again.

    10. Speak with Brother Althric.

    11. Pick 4 pink, white and red rose seeds.

    12. Use a fishing rod on the well and equip the ring of charos.

    13. Go to Port Phasmatys and talk with Lyra at the allotments.

    14. Select the Charm option until you are asked to grow some onions.

    15. Plant some onion seeds in an empty allotment. Water it every turn and cure disease.

    16. Talk with Kragen at the allotments north of East Ardougne.

    17. Select the Charm option until you are asked to grow some cabbages.

    18. Plant some cabbage seeds in an empty allotment. Water it and cure disease.

    19. Speak with Elstan at the allotment between Falador and Port Sarim for delphinium seeds.

    20. Plant a marigold seed in the nearby flower patch.

    21. Talk to Bernald at Taverley and use a plant cure on the diseased grapevines.

    22. Talk to Bernald again.

    23. Talk to Alain north of the Taverley.

    24. Use one essence on any anvil, grind the shards, and use the rune dust on a plant cure.

    25. Use the new plant cure on his grapevines.

    26. Talk to Bernald.

    27. Speak to the Queen in the Varrock Gardens to receive a trolley.

    28. At the entrance of the Lumbridge courtyard, use the trolley on the southern statue.

    29. Push the trolley east across the nearby bridge.

    30. Push it into the Queen's garden and use the place option when statue is close to the plinth.  

    31. Use the trolley on the statue in Falador centre.

    32. After the cutscene, push it north out the gates and onto the garden plinth using the place option again.

    33. If you take too long to move the statues to the plinth, they will vanish and come back to their original position.

    34. Plant the seeds in the empty allotments and wait for them to grow.

    35. Talk to the queen until all the patches are fully grown and the statues in place.

    36. Charm King Roald.

    Hope this guide can help you complete RS Garden of Tranquillity quickly.

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