Get 20th Anniversary Cake RS3 & Others with RSorder 7% Off RS 3 Gold
Jan 11

Get 20th Anniversary Cake RS3 & Others with RSorder 7% Off...


  • Have you participated in RS 20th Anniversary? From this event, there is a chance to obtain the 20th Anniversary cake RS3, 20th Anniversary cape and more rewards.

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    20th Anniversary cake RS3 for XP boost

    You can get the 20th Anniversary cake during RS 20th Anniversary event. One Anniversary cake can be obtained after completing the Baking a Cake miniquest. You could read our detailed guide for RS 20th Anniversary miniquests if you haven’t completed them.

    Eating the 20th Anniversary cake RS3 will grant a 3% experience boost for 5 minutes. There will be a 10 minute cooldown before the cake can be eaten again.

    Notice: Ironmen cannot receive the XP boost.

    RS 20th Anniversary cape & outfit

    During the Grand Party event, you can claim RS 20th Anniversary Outfit and the 20th Anniversary cape from the Wise Old Man. The Wise Old Man can be found at the Lumbridge Crater during the Grand Party.

    Rewards from Anniversary balloon drop

    In addition, purple, silver, and yellow balloons drop near lodestones every 30 minutes (except Prifddinas) during this event. You can burst up to 50 balloons, and each bursted balloon will reward you with different items:

    Bonus XP star (small)

    Small XP lamp



    Celebration cake

    Chocolate cake

    Celebration candles



    Plain pizza

    Meat pizza

    Enjoy the Anniversary event with 20th Anniversary cake RS3 and more rewards!

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