Learn Proposed Changes to OSRS Soul Wars with 80% Off OSRS Gold on RSorder
Jan 11

Learn Proposed Changes to OSRS Soul Wars with 80% Off OSRS...


  • Some changes have been made after the release of Soul Wars OSRS. Here you could learn the hotfix and more proposed changes for next week.

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    Changes to OSRS Soul Wars on Jan. 7th

    The following changes have been made to Soul Wars with the hotfix on January 7th 2021:

    1. The activity bar now takes 150 seconds rather than 120.

    2. Ultimate Ironmen can use the looting bag in Soul Wars.

    3. The loot table for OSRS spoils of war has been adjusted; quantities of runite ore and seeds are reduced. Moreover, dragon items, rune items, seeds, and runite ore have been made rarer.

    4. Items like the Ring of Stone and Ring of Coins cannot be used in Soul Wars.

    5. There is a confirmation message when attempting to leave the lobby.

    Changes proposed for Soul Wars OSRS

    In addition, the following changes will be made next week:

    1. The issue that character’s facial hair vanishes during the Soul Wars tutorial will be fixed.

    2. Examine options will be added to items in the Other tab in the Rewards Shop.

    3. A counter will be added to let you track how many Spoils of War you have opened.

    4. A short three second period of immunity will be added for players leaving the graveyard to bolster chances of escape. During this immunity period no damage can be dealt to a player.

    5. If you attack the Avatar from distance, you will be automatically moved closer to attack the Avatar.

    6. There will be 10 seconds before the activity bar begins to deplete.

    Are you satisfied with these OSRS Soul Wars changes?

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