Join in Grand Party for RS 20th Anniversary Outfit with RSorder $18 Off RuneScape Gold for Sale
Jan 11

Join in Grand Party for RS 20th Anniversary Outfit with...


  • Have you claimed your RS 20th Anniversary Outfit and Cape? The cosmetic rewards can be obtained from Wise Old Man. Here we offer the location to help you look for him easily and quickly in Grand Party.

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    Get RS 20th Anniversary Outfit & Cape from Wise Old Man

    20th Anniversary Outfit and 20th Anniversary cape are the cosmetic rewards which can be obtained in the Grand Party during 20th Anniversary Celebrations. To claim the outfit and cape, you have to get to Lumbridge Crater first. There you can find the Wise Old Man on the center platform. Then you need to talk with him and grab 20th Anniversary Outfit and Cape from him.

    Five pieces of RS 20th Anniversary Outfit

    RS 20th Anniversary Outfit consists of five pieces, including:

    - 20th Anniversary hat

    - 20th Anniversary top

    - 20th Anniversary bottoms

    - 20th Anniversary gloves

    - 20th Anniversary shoes

    When you receive the cosmetic outfit, you can click on the mask in the bottom right corner, and then you need to click on "Wardrobe" where you will see the pieces of your 20th Anniversary Outfit.

    Come to join in Grand Party and claim your RS 20th Anniversary Outfit and Cape now.

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