Learn RS Player Owned Farm Changes Jan 18 with RSorder Free RuneScape Gold for Sale
Jan 25

Learn RS Player Owned Farm Changes Jan 18 with RSorder...


  • Based on the official Patch Notes on Jan. 18, we can see that RS Team has made a series of changes to Player Owned Farm, including the improvements to the existing things as well as adding the new features.

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    RS Player Owned Farm changes on marking favourite animals

    Currently, you can be able to mark your favourite animals in Player Owned Farm through a new right-click/long-press option or through the Animal Pen or Barn interfaces. Once marked, these favourite animals can't be traded between players, given to requesters, or handed over while trying to "Sell all" to a buyer.

    More changes & new features for RS Player Owned Farm

    On top of that, you can also notice many other Player Owned Farm changes and new features from the Patch Notes, such as:

    1. Add new buttons to the Animal Information interface to make it easier to feed animals honeycomb. And the maximum amount of honeycomb can be fed via long-press or right-click.

    2. Animal buyers can appear via word of mouth by talking to Potteringtons about contract options and clearing your advertisements.

    3. As for food troughs, "Make-X" menu now can pick an appropriate food according to waht's already in trough or whatever you last put in it. And "Make-X" menu starts at the maximum value.

    4. Show the Player Owned Farm paddock requirements in the Construction Skill Guide.

    5. Turn Manor Farm and The Ranch Out of Time into info-boxes.

    6. Dinosaur eggs dropped by feral, ripper, brutish and venomous dinosaurs trigger lootbeams.

    Take a sneak peek at RS Player Owned Farm changes.

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