The Guides for Vanilla WoW Essence of Fire Farming&cheapest wow classic gold buying
Jul 31

The Guides for Vanilla WoW Essence of Fire...

The Guides for Vanilla WoW Essence of Fire Farming&cheapest wow classic gold buying


The Guides for Vanilla WoW Essence of Fire Farming&cheapest wow classic gold buying

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    Essence of Fire Farming

    Gold per Hour: 50+ gold depending on competition

    Competition: medium – high

    Requirements: ~ Level 55

    Prices & Drop Rates

    Item Price Drop Rate

    Essence of Fire 3-5g 2-3%

    Elemental Fire 1-2g 6-8%

    Heart of Fire 2-3g 6-8%

    Un’Goro Crater

    Fire Plume Ridge in Un’Goro Crater is great for Essence of Fire farming, since it has higher level mobs than other spots. The Fire Elementals are around level 55, and there are plenty for 2 players to farm at this spot. Since this is the best spot for farming Essence of Fire, there is quite high competition here most of the time. If you have Mining, you can swap from farming Elementals to farming Thorium around the edge of the zone for a while. Just check every now and then if the spot is free, since there is also a bunch of Thorium near the spot itself. The elementals also drop Elemental Fire, Heart of Fire and Core of the Elements, which can get you some additional gold. This is also true for the second spot in Felwood.


    The Elementals in Felwood are a little bit lower level than the ones in Un’Goro, only 51-54. This makes the spot more viable for the early 50s, when you want to start getting some gold for the many expenses at level 60. They have the same drop rates as the Un’Goro mobs, but the spot is quite a bit smaller. That’s why you probably want to have the spot for yourself, to make farming here viable. There is a bit less competition here, though. If there is too much competition here, you can always swap to farming Runecloth and Felcloth for a while. The satyrs in this zone are very popular for this.

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