Only One Day!Up to 60% off runescape 3 gold will come for OSRS Fremennik Series Sept.1
Sep 10

Only One Day!Up to 60% off runescape 3 gold will come for...

Only One Day!Up to 60% off runescape 3 gold will come for OSRS Fremennik Series Sept.1


Only One Day!Up to 60% off runescape 3 gold will come for OSRS Fremennik Series Sept.1

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  • One of the most popular and completed quest series in Runescape history is getting an expansion soon. The new quest, the Fremennik Exiles, adds a new area, a new runescape gold monster, and a new item that upgrades the Neitiznot helmetThe Primed Mind BarYou should be zapped and lose some magic levels temporarily. If you don't do this correctly, you will be damaged. Once you have done this, your bar should be infused with Mind Power. Bring the Primed Mind Bar upstairs to the first workshop, and use it with the workbench while carrying a Hammer, and you will make a helmet. Quest Complete!

    On The Shoulders of Giants

    OSRS NewsPrevious entries in the Fremennik quest series have given Runescape players some of the most iconic items such as the Neitiznot and Fremennik helmets, God books, Lunar spells, and Kingdom management.One of the most popular monsters to train on, Rock lobsters, were also introduced when the Fremennik quest series was released.With such a legacy to follow, some players are curious how the quest will fare. Will the items added with this new quest be just as iconic as those before it?

    Unique Rewards

    On completion of the quest, a new dungeon called the Island of Stone will be unlocked that contains several monsters, including the new basilisk knight-variant of basilisk, which can be fought after they are introduced in the quest.This new species of basilisk will have an improved drop table, as well as the chance to drop the rare, new item called the basilisk jaw. The jaw will be tradeable amongst players and have a much higher drop rate during slayer tasks.

    The jaw can be combined with a helm of Neitiznot to form an upgraded version dubbed the Neitiznot Faceguard. On death, the helm reverts to a normal helm.Are you excited to continue the most popular quest series in Runescape? Be sure to vote in the polls!

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