2 New PoE skill gems in Blight 3.8
Sep 18

2 New PoE skill gems in Blight 3.8

The venom boomerang is a 12-level claw dagger skill, throwing out a boomerang that causes weapon...


The venom boomerang is a 12-level claw dagger skill, throwing out a boomerang that causes weapon...

  • 1. Poe Venom Gyre

    The venom boomerang is a 12-level claw dagger skill, throwing out a boomerang that causes weapon damage. He has a mechanism of physical chaos. When you hit an enemy or touch an obstacle, it will retract and spin back in the form of a blade, causing less damage.

    Pick up the returned blade and store it so that the blade floats around you. You can catch up to 30 blades. If you do not have Venom Gyre, you can purchase this gem through poe trade.

    When you use the Swing Blade (the displacement skill of the dagger's paw), the stored blade is released in the form of a boomerang. If you use a swirling blade to pass through the enemy when you have a storage blade, you will hit a lot of blades (multiple hits).

    This will allow the skill to have a lot of interesting interactions with other content. The penetration will cause the enemy to be hit by the Boomerang once and return once and hit twice. The fast projection will make your Boomerang farther away, and the chain will make a roundabout. The darts are chained between the enemies before returning. The split will cause your boomerang to hit the target and split into two, and let you receive 2 times the return blade.

    A video presentation is a pretty good skill with a good ability to clear the map and the ability to perform multiple hits on a single target. And it looks cool and worth the new version.

    2. PoE Plague Bearer

    When you release a disease-carrying skill, it creates a sustained effect on your character. Activate the disease into the storage form when it is carried, it will cause you less damage, but it will save some of the remaining damage caused by the disease to the effect of the disease. The higher the disease-carrying level, the higher the toxic injury that can be stored. When the full value is stored, it will stop you from causing less poison damage.

    When the disease carries a poison, you can click on it again, it will switch to a gas ring around your character, the gas ring will cause 12% of the damage sustained by the storage damage every second, until the storage poison is exhausted, Or you take the initiative to turn off the disease and bring it back to storage. Continuous damage in the form of a poisonous ring will not be affected by any damage affixes. In the form of a gas ring, you cannot store the poison caused by you, and the poison caused by you will return to normal. When the consumption is exhausted or actively switched to the storage form, the disease carries back to the form of the initial storage of the poison.

    This skill is very similar to a poisonous normalizing fire. It can continue to damage your enemies. You can also face a single source of damage when you have a powerful BOSS. You can also use these spells to attack spells. You can also solve many skill units. The situation in the battle against the BOSS group blame (such as viper strikes, such as slow casts) is an excellent design.

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