Mafia City is set in a crime-ridden futuristic world
Jul 31

Mafia City is set in a crime-ridden futuristic world


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  • That was all determined early in development, but it was driven by the fact that we wanted to tell a great story and create a great gameplay experience. Again, I’m humbled and heartened by the fact that the game has struck a chord with people. It feels very relevant now. But we didn’t necessarily set out to make a game that made a strong statement. In fact, I think we’d have failed if we’d done that. We would have been too conscious of it.

    In order to do so, Yotta Games drew from documentaries, books, articles, and interviews as well as conducting “hours and hours” of photo reference research. “We use films (along with a number of other sources) as inspiration, but let gameplay ultimately drive the experience,” Blackman says. “We might want a moment reminiscent of a heist in other movies, for example, but we build that entire experience in gameplay first. We try to use cinematics only as a last resort.”

    Mafia City H5 Game

    Mafia City is set in a crime-ridden futuristic world there is only chaos, corruption, and Mafia control. You start off the game with just yourself and a few weapons. From there, you will go as far as you want. The game is setup that you can play by yourself and/or with others.

    – Recruit gang members, each represented by its own card.

    Mafia City 2 is launching in 16 languages, the most ever for a Yotta Games game. When it comes to murder and mayhem--anyone can understand that.

    A black mobster named Sammy Robinson becomes Clay’s surrogate father, until the Italian Mob kills Lincoln’s adoptive family and leaves Clay for dead. Naturally, this is the power-keg kick-start to one hell of a revenge story. After a short hands-off session last year, and a couple of hours of hands-on time recently, we can tell you that this premise absolutely works.

    Since 1987, Mafia has become a television series in Latvia, a World Championship event in Las Vegas and a training tool for the Russian security services. But I was still surprised to learn that Mafia was actually invented in the Soviet Union by Dimitry Davidoff, then a psychology graduate student at Moscow State University.

    As the message states, Mafia City takes place in the American South of 1968. You play Lincoln Clay, who returns to New Bordeaux (a fictionalised version of New Orleans) after the Vietnam War.

    One of the weapons thatLincoln has is a "Screaming Zemi," which is a voodoo doll that you use to distract enemies in the game, because they are superstitious enough to believe that it has some real magical power. And when you throw one, the mobsters respond to those by saying something like, "It's that nigger magic!," or, it might've been "nigger shit" or "nigger voodoo!" but it's something like that. (Iwrote about this last month.)

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