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MMOGO makes me feel at ease

MMOGO makes me feel at ease

MMOGO makes me feel at ease

  • It's a sport let them be creative with the match in their way. Why do ya have to be this square with ya creativity? Aliens, robots, robots, zombies are equaled by rpg. Now we've got a hundreds of games like this then ya'll complain about another zombie game or a different battle royale or this game is copying from diablo or destiny so I'm not buying it....make up ya mind. . .listen simply enjoy it if you want it or give it a shot if you feel you may like it, whats the harm outside of 400 hours or even more of your daily life being spent on a game which you might enjoy and maybe not spending more time with luv ones in the real world but that's another story...

    The one thing that disturbs me with these supposed'game play demos' is the fact that the people they've'playing with them' are clearly not the men and women who actually are controlling the personalities. Nobody has to even start to pretend that the prime participant base for virtually any video game just HAPPEN to sound like 4 phone sex operators who just chance to like The Division. Has anyone ever played a match of whatever in which people's voices sounded like they had been coming through an expert walkie-talkie system and simply happened to seem this polished? An example would have been to just have real players play the match and also capture it, instead of choosing these clear Fan Bait paid Actors. Yes, folks... when you perform the branch, sexy women will speak with you and manly, hot sounding men will provide you medkits... Uh-huh. Sure.

    Im honestly not excited at all for this game. . .we know the way its gont move a week to enjoying everyones going to realize how lifeless and unbelievably unrealistic this match is, Division are a entirely different game if it worked with Epic Games or perhaps just maybe microsoft however ubisoft is trash and washed up they ALWAYS rush there matches and attempt to finish them months and months following launch with bs dlc's and MANY bug fixes like Division 1 this match will collect dust after a couple weeks for me.

    https://www.mmogo.com  Yes.This is this!!

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    Tuesday, 12 March 2019
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