Madden Coins Big Sale for gay or lesbian
Feb 01

Madden Coins Big Sale for gay or lesbian

Gay or lesbian, you will enjoy an extra 5% discount for buying Madden 20 Coins.


Gay or lesbian, you will enjoy an extra 5% discount for buying Madden 20 Coins.

  • Gay or lesbian, you will enjoy an extra 5% discount for buying Madden 20 Coins.

    The Madden '20 for Playstation never went on sale, but it changed the history of football video games (as well as general sports games) for decades.

    The story dates back to 1992, when EA Canada (formerly distinct software) started working on the Super Nintendo version of the NFL Series. In the first two works, John Madden Football and John Madden Football '93, the studio has been trying to match the Sega Genesis works of blue sky productions.

    EA Canada developers face coding challenges: Nintendo's 16 bit console has a slow processor speed that limits their ability to work. The game hovers in the range of 15-20 frames per second. Although still images look good, the game still feels sluggish.

    When the studio makes a third attempt, Madden NFL'94 seems to continue to have performance problems.

    Enter visual concepts, and then a 6-year-old rookie, known for imitating the battle game clayfighter and the platform game Lester the possibility. The team has been working for EA and other axonometric helicopters to simulate the desert strike, and has made a lot of profits from SNES hardware.

    As it happens, visual concepts has a programmer named John Schappert, an experienced apple IIGS encoder whose skills can be well translated into SNES.

    "It was February and I got a call," shapert said. "This is the producer. He said, "how about the source code I gave you for Madden and see what you can do?" ... he gave me the source code on Thursday, and the game runs about 20 frames per second. By Monday, it was running at 45 frames per second. "

    EA hired visual concepts to produce "Madden'94" and continued to fund EA Canada's "Madden'94". Issuers are hedging their bets to see if the results are better.

    "(we) raised both of them to alpha level and then had them do focus group testing," Schappert said. "We have had three sessions. We had 29 people who tried two versions of the game, and they voted. 26 out of 29 chose my version. That's how I got into Madden. "

    The last game used EA Canada's assets and Schappert's code.

    This led visual concepts to take over Madden NFL'95 from Super Nintendo. The effect was so good that EA assigned Madden of the first Playstation, Madden NFL'20, to the studio, and the deal eventually changed the whole game type.

    "A lot has happened because of the project," said Michael rubinelli, who became chief producer of madden'20, an electronic art magazine. "When you look at causation, you still feel that ripple today."

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