MyTEAM Weekly Challenge, Trae Young in new packs
May 04

MyTEAM Weekly Challenge, Trae Young in new packs

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  • After all, in the hours since the next-gen update's release especially, it seems as though very little was done to address the principal shortcomings that players have been inquiring about. If you are tired of staring at Zion's face every single time you boot the game or return to NBA 2K21 MT the menu, then you will still be doing this even following this patch is installed. And, given that you will find little to no gameplay-focused adjustments listed here, we envision a number of the longstanding cheese methods are still present. It is nice to have new 2K21 events as often as Visual Concepts is able to launch them, but it is difficult not to feel as though equilibrium and stability has been somewhat ignored in favor of makeup and paid things. However, some NBA 2K21 upgrades are far better than none at all.

    What are your thoughts on the present and next-gen upgrades for NBA 2K21? Were you expecting more from those patch notes?

    NBA 2K21 proceeds the Glitched Truth motif for MyTEAM, and the hottest new content is Mystery Packs that you could even snag by finishing the MyTEAM Weekly Challenge.

    The team is lead by a brand new Mystery Galaxy Opal Trae Young, but there are three other powerful additions to NBA 2K21 MyTEAM in those Mystery Packs.

    These new NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Mystery Packs will consist of past players, so exactly who you wind up with can vary, but you will find four brand new Mystery players offered in these.

    GO Trae Young 98 OVR PG/SG, Atlanta Hawks will be Cheap 2K21 MT the most sought-after card with a 98 at Shot 3-Point as well as a 97 in eight distinct stats.

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