The NBA 2K League does not need to follow traditional limitations
Oct 28

The NBA 2K League does not need to follow traditional...

The NBA 2K League does not need to follow traditional limitations


The NBA 2K League does not need to follow traditional limitations

  • Donohue claims this is a sign of the "transformation" of the way young people consume content and how that is changing. The NBA is also learning about these new fans and 2K22 MT what they're seeking. Donohue affirms that esports are different than traditional sports in that they hold the power and influence of the supporters.

    Twitch chat capabilities on Twitch broadcasts are a good illustration of this. "The Twitch chat function is continuously active and we keep track of that certainly to keep our fans engaged, but it's also an ideal opportunity to get immediate feedback and make adjustments to our broadcasts... It's about "hey that's what the fans want, the camera angle and the behind-the-scenes content" that Donohue calls "almost becoming the norm for younger customers. It is that you're actually listening."

    One advantage that the NBA 2K League has is that it can be played at any time by anyone. It is an advantage that is carried over into the recently announced draft process, but also tapping into markets outside of the United States. The NBA has been doing a great work to grow its profile abroad However, so far, it's been restricted to playing individual games in destinations like Paris, London and China. The long-rumored dream of international divisions is nothing more an idea.

    In the case of NBA 2K League, there are no limits. Donohue says "There's lots of greenfield land in our front, when it comes to international expansion , and we're growing our game in the world." This year, the NBA 2K League welcomed their first international expansion team which was the Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai. They also hosted tryouts in Seoul, Hong Kong, and London. "We're seeking in bringing in international players we have identified as Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins being out there." Donohue says. "It's definitely a component of our plan to create a European division, as well as an Asia Pacific division," before adding "it's really more question of when rather than if."

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