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"NBA 2K" series "NBA 2K" series has been in existence for...

"NBA 2K" series "NBA 2K" series has been in existence for many years


"NBA 2K" series "NBA 2K" series has been in existence for many years

  • "NBA 2K" series "NBA 2K" series has been in existence for many years. In the days when the game industry was full of all kinds of games with the same genre but only "NBA 2K" stands in its own. Even the king "NBA Live" has to withdraw from the market. How high are the barriers to Nba 2k22 Mt access to "basketball basketball games".

    When the industry has only one thing to do there is a benefit that producers can make the biggest profits, and allow them more capital costs to come up with new ideas (if they're committed to investing) The disadvantage is that there aren't any competition, as there aren't any. Mirrors, so the quality of a work cannot be measured accurately.

    "NBA 2K" and "NBA Live" were inextricably linked, until the former hired Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) to be the cover of the game, and then added its own "career game mode". Basketball fans flocked at "NBA 2K" play tilts. Along with inviting retired or contemporary stars as covers "NBA 2K" also invited a variety of famous music creators to collaborate to create the best soundtrack for the game. The game was able to attract younger people who are passionate about basketball and rock.

    It's a shame basketball, like other sports games, cannot offer major improvements with regard to gameplay or systems. In addition to the regular updating of player data The developer 2K Sports has decided to "specialize the gameplay" that the games play.

    Jidu has made various enhancements to mt for sale 2k22 its operation. It has even included real-time tactical switching as well as the possibility of changing the artificial intelligence settings of teammates and settings., from real-time action games to real-time actions and strategy games in order to be more professional than other professional games.

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