After last night's enthralling 50-game win streak
Jan 15

After last night's enthralling 50-game win streak

After last night's enthralling 50-game win streak


After last night's enthralling 50-game win streak

  • So, while this Post Hook strategy may not be Nba 2k22 Mt widely used yet, you may want to keep an eye out for this during your Park and Rec games from this point out. NBA All-Star Kevin Durant has been logging some serious hours on 2K22 during the offseason and has been on an incredible winning streak last night with some 2K content creators.

    After the end of the NBA Finals in late July the offseason officially in full swing, giving players much-needed rest. For someplayers, this meant extravagant vacations or trips abroad while for others it offered some quality gaming time on NBA 2K22.

    Preseason is in full swing and 2022's season opening just two weeks away, some of the best players are logging their last few hours before they lace up and return to the court. Kevin Durant appears to be one such player who wants to begin an NBA season that starts on positive note, as evident by his absolutely dominant win streak from last night's court.

    Alongside a 2K content creator known as Josh "Choc" Humpries along with 2K's league member Stephen "SlayIsland' Lay, KD and the team put together 50 consecutive victories in the 2K22. KD confirmed the results, shared by Choc in a tweet shortly after the night's win and quickly became viral on Twitter. Choc is a popular YouTube content creator for 2K, and has more than 200,000 subscribers to his channel.

    After last night's enthralling 50-game win streak, it's just one more game to go until Choc will likely post the video for fans to check out on his channel. However, as the publication of buy mt nba 2k22 this article the video isn't released, so fans can only imagine the excitement in that final 50th game.

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