PoE Currency in Path of Exile S6
Oct 28

PoE Currency in Path of Exile S6

This S6 season can also be said to be the largest version of the Path of Exile in 2019. In the...


This S6 season can also be said to be the largest version of the Path of Exile in 2019. In the...

  • This S6 season can also be said to be the largest version of the Path of Exile in 2019. In the face of the “immortal” mobile game, GGG still maintains high-frequency and large-scale PoE currency items, not only with new gameplay and Boss, it is involved in the changes of many systems and items. Is there a big change in the competition, which will allow more players to enter this new dark world?

    Path of Exile’s S6 season’s main story will revolve around the organization of the Immortal Syndicate (IS). The new game has added more classic features such as plots and branches, with classic RPG elements. As the progress of the game progresses, players will gradually know the identity and hiding place of the main members, and the life and death of these members will be In some cases, it will be in the hands of the player, and the development of the story will be greatly influenced by different choices.

    As in the intelligence battlefield, the complete destruction of syndicated organizations must be achieved through many means. The players of the immortal syndicate have a total of 4 types of encounters, namely:
    Fortification: In the fortification encounter, you encountered a fortification to protect the IS supply. These fortifications have attack turrets, undead creatures, and powerful roadblocks, and players must break through to remove the defenders inside;
    Transportation: In the transportation encounter, an IS member is escorting the fleet of IS-supply vehicles that carry valuable cargo from one place to another. You must track and catch the team and kill the enemies that guard it;
    Research: In the Research encounter, the player encountered an underground lab, and IS scientists were eager to destroy the evidence they were conducting research. You must try to stop them and try to capture the syndicated members who run the lab;
    Intervention: After a period of investigation, IS will show interest in you and send an assassin to disrupt your investigation. They will appear at any time – even when you fight the map boss they appear quietly.

    Cut off the material transport chain of the mysterious syndicate, destroy the underlying research base, attack the base defense offensive, always be alert to the assassin from the organization, and finally arrest the development of the plot through interrogation, execution, and eyelining when the leader of the organization is captured. Destroy the syndicated organization. The game requires players to choose whether to be a warrior or a behind-the-scenes controller. This is a question that players need to think about in the new season.

    The master-related system The Cataclysm, the new master debut. In the Path of Exile’s S6 season, the master missions and systems will change a lot. The most direct change is that the masters who appeared in the previous version disappeared mysteriously except Zana. Instead, there are four new masters. Of course, these new masters will retain the gameplay features of the previous season. Players can choose their favorite season game experience in the main story, and then get powerful equipment to improve the upgraded efficiency so that they can experience the mainline process more smoothly.

    The changes in the master system are closely related to the weight of the Path of Exile gameplay. The master who has been criticized by the players is finally canceled in the new season. The master enchantment process will be unlocked directly after the main story and the completion of the syndicated tasks. The master-related gameplay also gives the player considerable autonomy – after the player enters the alien map, he can decide the progress of each master’s related gameplay in the direction he likes.

    Master’s craftsmanship will also be streamlined in the Path of Exile’s S6 season to get the recipe for the PoE vendor recipes. The master no longer needs to upgrade and can complete various additional events in the mainline task to get the recipe.

    In general, in the new season, the theme of the master system is to reduce the burden and freedom. At that time, players will get more time to experience other events and games in the game itself, and really immerse themselves in the world view and story of the game. Get a more comfortable gaming experience.

    The new affix type is unveiled, and the system is optimized. The new season adds a new type of affixing – fuzzy affixes. Simply put, fuzzy affixes are a completely new mechanism. The player customizes his attack and defense values ​​by selecting the affixes he wants. Compared to the previous affixes, fuzzy affixes are also likely to achieve very violent effects, usually a compound affix (with 2 affixes), or a suffix that is quite large.

    After the player gets the fuzzy affixed items, he can unlock it at the master Jun, and can also learn to make it in the craft car at the hiding place. As the number of productions increased, the level of the affix will also become higher and higher, and the corresponding value of the affix is ​​also Will continue to strengthen.

    This season, 10 skill gems have been updated or adjusted to encourage players to experience the game in a different pose (BD) every season, keeping the game interesting. At the same time, the new Divination Card will add a new way to get the power of the game. And more than 10 new unique equipment is waiting for players to develop a new BD routine.

    BD development, which used to be a headache for many novice players, has new options in the new season. The addition of the hero list mechanism allows ordinary players to view the BD matching ideas of high-end players in national service at any time. This measure not only greatly enriched the BD strategy for common players, but also effectively mitigated the market price fluctuations caused by the concentrating BD ideas.

    The new S6 “Destroyed and Immortal” season will be the biggest update of the game this year, and the Path of Exile is as sincere and sincere in this year’s update, compared to the eye-catching update rhythm of other Diablo games. A large number of updates are enriching the game experience, while the system and mechanism optimization of the theme of “burden reduction” also better embraces players who have been rejected by the “hardcore” word. Hardcore players have their own game rhythm, but casual players can also experience enough fun.

    On December 14th, the S6 season will be officially launched. It is very sincere to update the capacity and speed. I believe that Path of Exile can become a fan of Diablo games. The interested players can go to the Path of Exile website to download the experience. Belong to your own exile journey.

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