• Masonry Look Bits is carbide tipped hardened steel having a slow spiral to reduce through concrete, tile and brick in impact and rotary applications. Universally utilised for drilling smaller pilot pockets, Greetools offer different methods of masonry drill bits to meet your demand, Available in Round shank, Hexagaonal shank, Triangle shank in addition to Taper shank.

    Golden Complete Rotary Percussion Masonry Punch Bits, Gold groove, borders polished. From 11mm as well as 7/16" use reduced shank. Regarding drilling in concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, block and also masonry, Quality you want, Prices you love, welcome you contact us to buy a free quote. more salvaging, more doing.

    Masonry Drill Bits (Impact Look Bits) is carbide tipped hardened steel which includes a slow spiral to cut through concrete, tile in addition to brick in impact as well as rotary applications. universally applied for drilling smaller pilot openings, Greetools? offer different types of masonry drill bits to fulfill your demand,:Available within Round shank, Hexagaonal shank, Triangle shank, Tapcon 1 / 2 flat shank, and Taper Shank.

    Wonderful Finish Rotary Percussion Masonry Drill Bits

    ●Gold groove, side polished.

    ●Tri-shank is out there.

    ●High quality for your professionals.

    ●For use in rotary and percussion soccer pratice drills.

    ●From 11mm or 7/16" make use of reduced shank.

    ●For drilling within concrete, reinforced concrete, large rock, block and masonry, and so forth.

    Get full sizes of masonry drill bits along with a free quote, please present us a call as well as drop us an mail. We will get back to you quickly and layout a right solution on your reference. Performance through ability.

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