• Veneer Patching Unit (film laminating machine, veneer machine) is suitable for a myriad of MDF, MDF, fireproof panel surface with various colorings of wood grain papers, paint-free paper, aluminum foil paper, solid wood skin and so forth. The machine is semi-automatic or fully automatic dust removal, rubber layer, baking glue, veneering, frosty pressing, hot pressing, slicing continuous operation, with high penetration of automation, good veneer influence, no need to click other equipment, it is veneer gypsum board manufacturing area, cabinet Ideal equipment to get decorative veneer foils for door panels and attractive materials companies.

    Double-sided laminating machine, suitable for all forms of flat sheet wood feed paper, PVC film. The leading and back sides are completed available as one time, and the done product is flat in addition to non-foaming. Fully automatic surgery, easy to use, you are welcome to visit the factory to test the machine, exchange and negotiation.

    According to the specific needs of customers, you can easlily customize the non-standard Veneer Patching Device!

    main feature:

    1. This machine is equipped with automatic glue, paper, airborne dirt and dust, glue, sticker, hot important and film.

    2. Your rubber roller adopts semi-automatic or fully automatic lifting and fine realignment, high accuracy, Danish frequency control

    3. Conveyor belt replaces roller commute, even thin and light plates won't slip due to small friction

    4. Both the hot press roller and the cold press roller are driven from the worm gear. The advantage of that worm gear is that there isn't any gap when the generate is driven, the speed synchronization is usually ensured and the surface belonging to the product to be published is smooth and non-foaming.

    5. The rubberized roller can be driven by two magnetic motors separately and automatically finds the pace difference system. The glue quality does not appear on the substance to exceed the peer common.

    6. High-precision digital worm gear lifting system together with high accuracy

    7. There is a special glue system, it is convenient and quick to include glue.

    8. It has a round shaft and also a screw shaft. The function from the screw shaft is mainly employed to make the PVC expand to both sides for fine adjustment when PVC is definitely attached.

    9. The tile type gas rising shaft is employed, and the tension is controlled by magnetic powder clutch.
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