• Pressure transmitter is made by TM's own frustration sensor core as sensor confidential element. Pressure transmitter could be transferred liquid or gas pressure towards standard electrical output indication: 4~20mA, 0~10V etc.

    TM's most of sensor items strictly proceed by high-low temperature calibrated besides endurance test with difficult structure. By 17 years' constant study, research and development.

    TM shares a reliable pressure transducer services by some very famous customer including Carrier, LG and SANY Group etc.

    Applications of tension transmitter

    ·Construction machinery

    ·Building systems

    ·Mining machinery

    ·Pneumatic procedure

    Introduction of pressure transmitter

    P22J strain transmitter use film sputtering manufacturing innovation as sensor delicate chips. Pressure transmitter can always be transferred liquid or gas pressure in the various standard analog end result signal 4~20mA, 0~5VDC, 0~10VDC, 0. 5~4. 5VDC. Transmitter simply proceed by high-low high temperature calibrated and endurance exam with tough structure. This truly is proved of which P22 product successful within severe environment, P22 product has shared the best performance and service for those very famous customer for instance Zoomlion, XCMG and SANY Party etc. The product is usually traditional for construction devices, making machinery, Mining machinery and even pneumatic system.

    Special options that come with pressure transmitter

    ·Wide pressure range provided that 100 Mpa, excellent impact resistance

    ·Reliable and firm under extreme environment

    ·Standard optional analog output 4~20mA, 0~5VDC, 0~10VDC, 0. 5~4. 5VDC

    ·Thin Video Sputtering chip.

    https://www.tmvenus.com/Pressure-Transmitter-pl3736786.html 201911ld

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